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You should always speak with a trainer to ensure you recieve training that will meet your goals. We have been delivering accelerated certification training for thirteen years. Our trainers would be happy to speak with you regarding your certification training. The trainer you speak with wrote the course and has at least twelve to thirteen years experience with bootcamp training. We list as much information on our site as possible, including price. We never send unsolicited email or hassle you with unwanted calls.


What others have to say:


"I was surprised how good of a time I had in class. Wait till you see this guy, best trainer I have ever seen period! I would say the class is tough but I found it much easier then I expected. As John said, the material is simply amazing. If you know the material gone over in class you will pass. Jay explained every single question in his book in detail. No one missed a single exam. I did learn a lot as he told us we had to KNOW why every question was right. One exam changed the day we took it and the trainer did not seem worried, we all passed it. You will not have any problems, he actually teaches the material."

-D. Gordon

"Its about time you guys started selling direct! To plug you guys I would simply tell people you guys are involved, you actually care about each student and being the best you can be and it shows. Its not just about getting a credit card, just calling you was enough to convince me! Thanks again, I WILL RETURN! Tell Toby its CCNP® time!"

-Y. Guantam

"My last bootcamp experience with another company was exactly as they had advertised but I had no idea what I was getting into. They used other people's material for the test prep and classroom books etc which is one of the reasons I went with them. What a joke compare to this camp! Their trainer was a contract trainer and you could tell he did not know the material that well and when problems came up in class it was apparent he did not even know the company he was teaching for. We spent most of the time studying materials I could have bought online. Worse yet we did most of this studying by ourselves. Your company is a breath of fresh air, I was amazed how well Jay knows the material we used in this class. A student would mention a question and jay would tell us which number and page it was on from memory so we could follow along. Impressive."

-K. Winters

"I knew I was on the right track when one of the other bootcamp companies I called told me American Interactive had an amazing reputation. Of course I was told you were expensive and only available through [deleted] University. I could not have been more impressed with the training, thanks again"

-K. Koblas

"I will be back. There are many things I could mention but its really just the trainer. Toby Smith is the best trainer I have ever seen and I have seen a lot! The wide area labs simply blew me away. Setting up a real frame-relay network and seeing the telco side was like being a kid in a candy store. I now know why American Interactive talks about the the trainer writing the course so much. The material and trainer were one, Toby is amazing. Cant wait for CCNP®!"

-D. Prodzinski

"Great class. I have had the pleasure of taking classes with both Jay (NT 4.0) and Toby (CCNA® and CCNP®). I will recommend AI to anyone looking for bootcamp training. Thanks guys!"

-K. Chio

"As advertised! Same training as when I took your classes through [deleted] but with better equipment and for about 2,000 less!"

-A. Kramer


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